John Hill donates BYTE Magazine Collection to Compuseum

John Hill donates BYTE Magazine Collection to...

Everett Katzen Donates “Macintosh TV” to Compuseum

Everett Katzen Donates "Macintosh TV" to...

Pat Trongo donates Commodore SX-64

Pat Trongo donates Commodore SX- 64 Luggable...

ENIAC Award Given To John Blankenbaker

ENIAC Award Given To John Blankenbaker Kenbak-1...

Two Female Programmers Win Presidential Medals of Freedom

Two Female Programmers Win Presidential Medals...

Celebrate the Past, Present and Future of Computing

The Compuseum is a charitable organization comprised of industry experts, techno-connoisseurs and everyday users from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences who celebrate the role of computers in our daily lives. Together we are build exciting exhibits while we gather momentum to build an interactive museum of hardware and software in the Philadelphia region; home of the ENIAC, the worlds first all electronic programmable computer.

We invite you to see, feel and interact with the technology and the people that made our digital age come alive. Experience the action and activity which built the trillion dollar computing industry over a few short decades.

The Compuseum and our team assemble, curate and showcase the newest information technology releases surrounded by the legacy hardware and software that made it all possible.


Assemble Epic Stuff.  Be Challenged.
Make Friends. Bring Questions.
Share the Past.  Show the Future.

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Compuseum team member Fred Wilf with Kenbak-1 (world’s first personal computer circa 1971) in the hands of inventor John Blankenbaker.

ENIAC Vacuum Tube “mementos” Made Available to Donors to Compuseum (the ENIAC had 17,468 of these and they blew out all the time). These are the actual model used in the ENIAC; get one today for your desktop!

Opening of PENNOVATION Center with Walter Isaacson, Bill Mauchly; photo taken by Friend of Compuseum at the University of Pennsylvania (location of the creation of ENIAC 1945).

John Simkiss joins in celebration of Compuseum’s ENIAC Award to John Blankenbaker (inventor of the world’s first personal computer, Kenbak-1) at Annual “Swine and Swill” Event on the Brandywine.

Friends of Compuseum discussing ENIAC: Scott Jenkins, Sally and Eva (daughters of John Mauchly), Peter Kraynak.

Donation to Compuseum of Monroe Calculator by Ross Schmucki. This calculator was owned by his Dad who used it in sales in Europe.

Pat Trongo donates Commodore SX- 64 Luggable computer to Compuseum- July 2017

Student Luke Miles displays the vintage IBM 10MB hard drive which weighs 80lbs. It has a Random Access Head Disc Assembly, 240 volt magnet which is very large and heavy, 4 Platters with 2 heads (top and bottom) per platter and a conventional "timing belt" from the motor to the platters. There is a plexiglass cover that allows to see inside to the platters. Donation by Dave Cohen of Western Digital.