Compuseum mourns the passing of former Editor-in-chief of PC Magazine Bill Machrone.  Michael Miller shares a memorial column about Bill, see an excerpt below.

Bill Machrone, who was Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine from 1983-1991 and continued to write a column for the magazine until a few years ago, passed away this weekend.

Bill had been working in information systems in New Jersey in the early 1980s, when he started writing freelance articles for Sol Libes’s Microsystems magazine, which later sold to Ziff Davis. After Ziff Davis acquired PC Magazine, most of the staff left, the magazine moved to New York, and the editors who took it over were looking for new writers and editors. Bill came on as a freelancer and was quickly named technical editor in March 1983. By September, he became Editor-in-Chief, and was the first person to hold the job for an extended period of time since founder David Bunnell left.

See the entire article here.