alfred_poorThe latest addition to the Compuseum collection is a “nearly complete” collection of the printed issues of PC Magazine, dating back to the original Volume 1 in 1982. The collection was donated by Alfred Poor, who wrote for the magazine as a freelancer for more than 22 years. He was a Contributing Editor most of that time, and was the magazine’s first Lead Analyst for Business Displays.

“PC Magazine was the clear leader among personal computing magazines, and it was an exciting time to have a front row seat on the industry,” Alfred Poor recalls. “PC Magazine also paid very well at the time, but they wouldn’t give us comp subscriptions even if we were on the masthead, so I had to maintain my own paid subscription over all those years.”

This collection provides a valuable record of how the personal computer industry grew and developed. Many familiar (and not familiar) brands appeared and disappeared over the years, and this collection documents the many changes that occurred during the market’s first two decades.

The Compuseum is grateful to Alfred for his very generous donation which is sure to be a much sought-after resource on critical milestone computing history.