Building a Strong Foundation

We seek additional “Friends of Compuseum” to continue the build-out of our foundational leadership core.  A “Friend” of Compuseum is one who believes that this project has merit; that there is strong basis to do so; and, that this project should continue forward and be pursued. A “Friend” of Compuseum is nothing more than that.

We seek donations of time, treasure and wisdom; each is useful to us at this juncture. This is a daunting task, but little by little our foundation keeps growing; for without a strong foundation of leaders like you this project, like a building itself, will fail.

We accept donations electronically online. Simply use your
credit card as you would with any other online purchase.
We use the secure PayPal software to manage this transaction,
but you do not need a PayPal account to donate.

A Growing List

To help us realize this project we have assembled an outstanding team of subject matter experts who share an appreciation for the Compuseum and the vision for its future. The march of science and what technology has done to shape humanity is such a strong draw for all of us.  Here’s a growing list of what we call “Friends of Compuseum”; those who think there is merit to the idea and support its development.

Al Katz (Trenton Computer Fair), Alex Magoun (Sarnoff Museum & IEEE), Alfred Poor (Technology Speaker), Andreas Graesser (Retired SAP), Andy Lister (PhD, US Forest Service), Andy Wang (PENN IT Student), Anne Whelan (Goldman alum), Anthony Gold (Unisys-OpenSource), Benjamin Franklin (actor Barry Stevens), Ben Kripke (Brownstein, Philly Branding), Bill Berner (PENN retired Prof), Bill Mauchly (ENIAC), Bill Mensch (6502 inventor), Bill Spane (BHC Securities), Brad Caswell (ACADIA SQUAM Donor Advised Funds), Brad Kielinski (ITProsPhilly), Brian Bijeau (Drexel IT), Brian Neary (Commercial Realtor), Brian L. Stuart (Drexel Computer Science Professor), Burt Feldman (Mersive- Solstice), Caitlin Regan (ENIAC Ventures), Chandra Hardy ( Advocate), Chris Cryer (Manufacturers Rep), Chris Pappas (Star Trek Computers), Charlie Landreth (Library Company), Chip Lee (Pennsylvania Trust), Chris Eckert (ENIAC), Dani Bronson (Net.Art), David Egner (Art Guild Exhibit), Chris Farias (EBSoftware), Chris Fralic (First Round Capital), Chris Wallace (Commercial Realty), Craig Thompson (BOEING), David Gibboni (Medical Imaging), David Houseman (UNISYS Retired), David Johnson (Exida), Dan Kohn (Internet entrepreneur), David Osekavage (NetApp), David Ryskalczyk (Engineering, Temple Univ.), David Mann (Electrophysiology Blogger), David F. Soll (, Dick Moberg (ICU Solutions), Dominic Marucci (Retired Burroughs), Don Asplen (Cyber Charter School CEO), Duncan Smith (USA Technologies), Eamon Gallagher (Drexel School of Law), Ellie Byrom-Haley (Exhibit Design), Eva Mauchly (ENIAC), Evan Schneyer (Wanderfly/Google), Everett Katzen (Springboard- Apple Store), Florencia Pierri (Curator RCA Sarnoff Collection), Fred Slack (Rice Lake Systems), Fred Wilf (Wilftek LLC), Gene Kiley (Cell-Con Battery Packs), George Keremedjiev (Compustory Museum, Bozeman), Gini Mauchly-Calcerano (ENIAC), Greg Satell (Author, Speaker), Guy Calcerano (College of New Jersey), Herbert Bruderer (ETH Zurich/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Janet Hollingshead (Financial Systems), Jason Dedrick (Syracuse University IT Professor), Jason Olim (CDNow), Jeffrey Levy (MD, CaseNetwork), Jeffrey Sicuranza (Data Center Networks), Jim Sargent, Esq. (Lamb McErlane), Jim Walther (Director, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History), Joe D’Agostino (Video Services), Joe Speroni, PhD (DSM Laboratories), Joe Hertzbach (Technologist, Consumer Researcher), Joel Adams (Devon Consulting), John Blankenbaker (Inventor 1st Personal Computer), John Braze (Chestnut Street Ventures), John Flippen (Google YouTube), John Koonz (Merrill Lynch retired), John Ryan (Devon Hill Ventures), John Shedletsky (IBM, ret), John Simkiss (Harvest Fund), Joyce Weisbecker, Judd Van Dervort (Keystone InfoSys), Ken Burke (Retired Cigna), Ken Kraemer (Personal Computing Industry Center, Irvine), Kathy Kleiman (ENIAC Programmers Project), Kent Griswold (Special Care), Kim Chicchi (Cyber Charter School), Kim Todd (Jean Jennings Bartik Museum), Kurt Hess (University City Science Center, Philly), Laura Miller (Cira Center Leadership), Lauren O’Leary (Carii), Lawrence Husick (Technology Law), Leann Erickson (ENIAC “Computers Wore Heels”), Lisa Schmucki (CEO, Louis Krupp (former Burroughs), Louis Rubinfield (Early Burroughs) Louis Stricoff (Director e-Learning Assn), Ludwell Sibley (Vacuum Tube Association), Mark Greenia (Director- Computer History Archives Project), Marty Michael (Miria Systems), Mary Evans (Logan Capital), Mary Ellen Reed (John W. Mauchly Granddaughter), Matt Trembley (Exxon Office Systems Qyx), Matt Rana (Electrical Engineer), Matt Regan (WR Hambrecht), Michael Maroney (Southern Tier Graphics), Mick Smith (Strayer-Computer History), Michael Kain (Unisys Innovation), Michael Krupit (Philly Tech MeetUp Leader), Mike Romano (Fesnak CPA’s), Monique Fayad (ICD Logic), Nicole Feller-Johnson (Drexel Faculty- Disruptive Design), Nihal Mehta (ENIAC Ventures), Pat Trongo (USLI Database Analyst), Patty Pezely (Cyber Security), Patrick Mannion (Seer Aerospace), Paul Harkins (Audit Software), Paul Kahan (Historian, Author, Educator), Paul Meyer (PENN Morris Arboretum), Peter Bogucki (Dean, Princeton- STEM), Peter Cook (Was CompuDude on WXPN & WHYY), Peter Kraynak (, Peter Zilahy Ingerman (UNIVAC I), Raechel Hammer (Library Company Development Officer), Rebecca Mercuri (Computer Forensics and Security), Rich Newman (RIT Computer Science), Robert Schmidt (Patent Attorney), Robert Vinci (Exhibition Developer), Rocco Martino (PhD), Rodney Murray, PhD (University of the Sciences), Ross Schmucki (Dupont Legal, ret), Sam Levy (Equiteq Investors), Scott Jenkins (Jenkins Partners), Shawn Wyatt (Laboratory Infomatics), Stan Pezely (Burroughs), Stephen Salgaller (Science Researcher), Steve Boyd (Sperry Univac Canada), Steve Krug, AIA, PE (Krug Architects), Tim Pash (Microsoft Tech Center), Susan Sherwood (SUNY Center for Technology and Innovation), Tom Copley (WikiMedia Developer), Tom Haigh (University of Wisconsin), Tom Sharpless (AR and VR), Treacy Higgins (Development), Valerie Landau (Douglas Engelbart expert), Verne Weidman (UNISYS), Yigal Behar (Security Software), Yves Bolognini (Lausanne, Zabeth Teelucksingh (Global Philadelphia Association).

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our noble efforts to bring the Compuseum from discussion to reality.  See our Contact Us page and let us know your interests, background and how you can contribute.  We look forward to furthering this project with your help.